Justin Tusk, CEO of FBURN, is a entrepreneur with vast experience in banking systems being a private banker for one of the most reputable banks in MENA. Justin's client portfolio as of 1H 2022 valued over $180 million. His experience in crypto began in 2019 after a lot of pressure was growing to look into cryptocurrencies and potential high risk investment opportunities for clients who were ready to gamble. Thanks for the 2020 bull run that started in March, he was able to spot all the top performers and secure assets amid the rise. His friends and community call him the Alien.
The core team of FBURN are some of the best in what they do and that's why they were hand picked after long recruitment processes that lasted over 3 months.
Kevin MB is the Marketing Executive and has successfully grown project in the BSC space by over 6,000%
Ash is the Operations Chief who will be looking after the continuity and smooth operations of the project having supported and provided value to over 50 projects in BSC.
Shelly Betzi is our Lead Designer whos worked for over 40 NFT projects on multiple chains with 5 of them catching mass traction from the art.
Artyom is the Developer who's bringing the NFT and the wallet live to the blockchain.
Ivar is the Project Manager who will be handling the projects day to day activities and ensuring deliverables are done on time.
Greatness is the Head Moderator of the chat in telegram who will ensure the chat is kept productive with all questions answered being the go-to person for any queries or support.
Wendy is the Social Media Manager who will be handling all the social accounts.
Leroy is the Operations Manager managing all time-line related activities and looking over the smooth strategy deployments
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